The victory, or reality, would exist even if no one ever knew,

«After ‘Do the Right Thing,’ and it was solidified with ‘Malcolm X’ [being ignored], I was never going to be put in a position where I needed someone’s whatever it is to validate my work,» Lee said. «I know what I do and the people let me know. People tell me I’ve changed their life.

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canada goose clearance We should not confuse «victory» with «declaration of victory.» One can declare victory at any point after the victory, or wait for confirmation, but confirmation is only perception, not the reality of the thing itself. Your argument is essentially that perception confirmation is reality, which just doesn’t work. The victory, or reality, would exist even if no one ever knew, much like 2 and 2 would be 4 even if no one existed to perceive it. canada goose clearance

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